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Kyocera Small Tools

Skok Machine Tools brings you the most comprehensive range of Japanese quality carbide small tools for small part manufacturing from KYOCERA Cutting Tools.

Kyocera Small Tools PRODUCTS

Small Parts Turning

JCT-M Through Coolant Holders

JCT-M Through Coolant Holders
Innovative new JCT-M holders designed with a direct coolant supply offering superior chip control and long tool life. Can support high pressure through-coolant with or without piping system (if tool turret supports direct coolant) with a large tool line up to maximise tool usage and reduce chip entanglement, all designed to reduce down time and costs.

AP Chipbreaker

AP Chipbreaker
Positive chipbreaker for aluminium finishing. Improved chip control during aluminium finishing applications provides excellent surface finish due to the combination of the sharp cutting edge and new DLC PDL010 coating which prevents aluminium welding and burrs. Available in CCGT06, CCGT09, DCGT07, DCGT11, TPGT09, TPGT11 & VCGT16 inserts in a multitude of corner radii.
Small Parts Boring

EZ-Bar Series Small Internal Machining

EZ-Bar Series Small Internal Machining
Able to machine with a minimum bore diameter of Ø 2mm. Large tooling lineup for a wide application range with easy adjustment and high precision makes the EZ-Bar range is the most effective solution for the most demanding of boring applications. Boring, back boring, internal profiling, internal grooving, face grooving and threading with a large lineup of sleeves for various applications makes EZ-Bar your one stop solution for small parts boring applications.  The new EZ-Bar PLUS high precision solid carbide boring bar with the convenience of indexable inserts to reduce machining costs with multiple corner inserts and less set up times. Indexable EZ Bar starts with a minimum bore diameter of Ø 5mm.
Grooving, Parting & Transversing

GTP Chipbreaker

GTP Chipbreaker
Reduce cycle time and costs with the integrated machining solutions that the NEW GTP chipbreaker KTKF grooving and traversing insert offers. With stable chip control and superior surface finish for small part machining applications, the GTP chipbreaker provides integration in a single tool for front turning, grooving and back turning in one solution, saving costs and set up time. Available in the new MEGACOAT NANO PLUS PR17** grade and MEGACOAT NANO PR1535 grade for steel, free-cutting steel and stainless steel components.

GBF Shallow External Grooving

GBF Shallow External Grooving
High precision and stable control by reducing chip biting when grooving small parts with the new GL chipbreaker GBF32 3-corner insert. Wide application line up with groove widths from 0.25mm to 3.00mm and a maximum grooving depth of 3.00mm with the same holder. 

KGD Cut-Off / Parting & Grooving

KGD Cut-Off / Parting & Grooving
The KGD Cut-Off / Parting & Grooving solution specifically designed for small part machining in automatic lathes offers stable machining and long tool life with the 2-corner insert design for lowering of production costs. Edge widths starting at 1.30mm, a multitude of chipbreakers for excellent chip control and long tool life with the MEGACOAT PR12**, MEGACOAT NANO PR1535 and GW grades for all material applications all combine to offer a cost effectibe integrated cut-off / parting and grooving solution. New sub spindle toolholders also available.















For more information or to schedule a visit from Skok Machine Tools to analyse any products requiring a turn-key solution today, contact us today.