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Swarf Management

Whether it be sawing, milling, turning, grinding or drilling of any steels, there is always one part left over after the final product is complete – swarf.  Anyone who has been involved in any metalworking where swarf is a by-product has the same problem, how do we effectively handle our scrap? 

So how do you effectively deal with your swarf? Metal drums or bins taking up valuable floor space? Forklifts required to move swarf around in large containers? Operators moving swarf bins from their work station to the “swarf area” of the workshop? All these actions add unnecessary down time and additional costs to your machining process.  

There are also additional factors to consider when dealing with swarf in the current way;

  • The health and safety of employees handling extremely sharp swarf requiring specialised PPE
  • Coolant loss or contamination with swarf removing a considerable amount of coolant daily from the machine tool and the difficulty in recycling coolant back into the machine tool from traditional scrap bins
  • Cleaning, endless swarf ending up on the ground needing staff to clean and also causing health and safety hazards
  • Chip conveyor and ultimately machine tool down time while operators need to deal with swarf over flowing from bins

How do we solve all of these issues?
The simple answer is briquetting.

Partnering with the world leading briquetting solutions provider, Höcker Polytechnik. The BrikStar range of briquetting presses lead to less downtime, higher recycling revenues and increased coolant recovery – all the while make the most of your swarf.

The BrikStar iSwarf and BrikStar M/MD series briquetting presses are ideally suited to the processing of predominantly short, loose metal shavings from the mechanical processing of non-ferrous

metals, steel and cast parts or other metals.

Another good reason to decide on a briquetting press from Höcker Polytechnik is, in addition to the volume reduction, the recovery of cooling lubricants, the environmental protection and the higher revenue that is achieved with briquettes compared to chips.

Fast payback period (ROI)

– Reduce oil and lubricant costs

– Lower logistics costs

– Environmental protection thanks to briquetting

– More revenue by briquettes

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For more information or to schedule a visit from Skok Machine Tools to analyse any products requiring a turn-key solution today, contact us today.