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Goodway Swiss CNC Turning Centres

Skok Machine Tools offer the complete range of maximum performance GOODWAY CNC SWISS lathes.

Goodway Swiss CNC Turning Centres PRODUCTS

SD Series – Compact Swiss Turning Centres

With leading technology and high-quality components, the GOODWAY SD series Swiss turning centre with exquisite appearance, varied tooling selection options and complete automation systems provides high-speed turning, milling, drilling, tapping and other complicated work requirements on front/side of the work-piece.

Optional sub-spindle and rear-end tools are available to expand the machining capabilities. The high-efficiency performance of SD series can satisfy any requirement for precision parts.

SD Series

SW-12 Series

With a maximum machining diameter of Ø13mm, the SW-12 CNC SWISS turning centre is specially customized for the precise machining of miniature parts. A compact structure design only covers 2.8 m2 of floor space and with 32 m/min rapid feed rates of each axis will dramatically reduce the tool changing time to maximise efficiency.


SW-12 Goodway | Skok Machine Tools
SW Series

Built with maximum performance as standard, the GOODWAY SW series of SWISS machining centres offer unmatched flexibility and machining efficiency of parts up to Ø42mm. Perfectly suited for the medical, automotive and electronics industry, the SW series flexible tooling system with up to 9-axis control can satisfy all requirements with front, rear and side machining applications.

SW Series

SW-II Series

The latest addition of the multi-tasking SWISS turning centre range from GOODWAY CNC, the SW-II series is the benchmark for multi-axis small parts turning with unprecedented rigidity and productivity. Complicated workpieces can be machined in one machine with reduced cycle times and multi operations done with the addition of B-Axis, C-Axis and back-end machining capabilities. Thread whirling, polygon turning, hobbing, angle head driven tools and complex slotting are all capable in conjunction with GOODWAY’s own in house G-Linc 350 intelligent operating system control.  

SW-II Series



Swiss CNC Turning Centres


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